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Customer service awful

Took 45 days to receive my order. They sent 4 instead of the 8 I paid for. Vapes we’re great but likely will not order from this company again

Botanical Bunch 8
Laura Garcia
Love the taste and it’s tabaco free!

I bought all the flavors and love them!

NOT a vape! and I LOVE IT

Im so grateful I found this little thing! They call it a diffuser and thats so accurate. Full of flavor and diffuses very thick (nicotine free) vapor!

Tastes great.

Easy to use, lasts for a reasonable time, tastes great.

love the packaging and flavor!

not sure if its appropriate to call this a vape but this is the best vape I have ever had. I love that its free of caffeine, nicotine and tobacco. Will be ordering other flavors to try, but this one was fantastic.

cinnamon 🤍

my favorite flavor in everything and Melli got it just right! not overpowering but full flavor and perfect amount of smoke.


Recommend for anyone who is looking for a healthier alternative to any type of smoking or vaping. It obviously doesn't give a hit like tobacco would but tastes great and the vapor is quite dense.


The smoke is thick and the aroma is fruity but not at all too strong. I don't cough at all and the inhales are really smooth.

Super potent!

The flavor is really full and the smell is fantastic. What a treat!! Went through my bundle really fast haha

First for me

Never thought I would consider a "vape" a wellness product but here we are. This stuff is really great.

better than I thought!

I didn't expect the flavor to be so rich but it really is and it doesn't taste fake or like chemicals. The taste really resembles natural food rather than flavoring. Will try other flavors!

Taste so good!

I don't buy anything else after Melli! Best flavors, cool design and they last forever.


I waited for a "vape" like this and Im thrilled someone finally made it happen. Only thing I'd like is MORE flavors.

Smoke these instead of hookah

I got myself used to these instead of hookah. The smoke is quite thick and the flavor stays full for a long period of time. While my friends kill their lungs with hookah, Im enjoying Melli.


I have my entire office "smoking" these. We now order in bulk and split the order, because everyone just loves these. Great design, easy to hold especially for guys with larger hands like myself. The pull is just right.

5 Stars

My friends gifted me a pack of these when they came back from US and I LOVED them. All of them! The flavors are unique and taste very earthy and natural. None of this overly sweet, candy type of flavor. These taste like craft flavors.

Just what I was looking for

I don't smoke traditional tobacco and I don't drink. I was looking for something to enjoy socially with friends and this is just right. I ordered all the flavors but this one and the peppermint were my favorite.

Amazing Product

This is incredible. cant believe it wasn't done sooner! and also cant believe how DELICIOUS these are.

Serene Senses
Ahmed K
Nice One

Ordered a few bundles for myself and friends. Most people liked the jasmin and mandarin ones. But overall these were good and I’ll be ordering more.

Mixed Moods
Mayo D
This bundle was great!

This bundle was a good amount of these for the price. The device itself was bigger than I expected but I really like that. I guess that how it fits 800 puffs!

Botanical Bunch 8
Cristina W
I really enjoyed

I really enjoyed this mixed bundle! All the flavors were really good but Jasmine was my favorite. I think for my next one I’ll order all Jasmin!

Got me off vaping

This product is amazing. I was constantly vaping and it was a stress reliever for me…but obviously I was inhaling toxic fumes and tobacco. Melli tastes fruity and natural. I love that it has no nicotine or tobacco so I can still use this as a stress reliever but without the damaging effects of smoking.

My favorite flavor!

My favorite flavor! But I tried all 4 and loved them. Melli has really changed my habits. I got off smoking vapes that I knew were destroying my insides, and the switch to this product was really easy for me. I was never really addicted to the nicotine in other products, but more so the flavors and the activity of vaping itself. For me, Melli has been the best product discovery of 2021!

Best so far

I have tried many non nicotine vapes but this is something else. They say it’s not a vape and I can honestly agree! It tastes just like fruit without the sugary after taste of artificial flavoring. This stuff is gold.


Unbelievably tasty, smooth vapor, the device is such high quality. I feel so good using this. I can’t believe this wasn’t a thing sooner!!